Welcome to the Bravo Fleet Academy! All modules here are open to all members of Bravo Fleet, but it's recommended that you start with the New Member Program.

If this is your first time here, you will need to create an account, which is separate from your BFMS account. During the registration process, you will be prompted to link your BFMS and Moodle accounts by providing your BFMS ID. You will also then be able to enrol in each of the modules separately.

    Available courses

    The New Member Program is designed for members within their first few weeks in Bravo Fleet and is intended to prepare them to more easily navigate the fleet’s structure, regardless of the activities that they enjoy doing most.

    • Cadets will develop a strong familiarity with the BFMS and the user dossier system so that they can record their own activity, participate in competitions, and select the path by which they would like to advance.

    • Cadets will understand the relationship between the various fleet offices responsible for the different parts of the advancement system, namely the task forces, the OCS, and the gaming office.

    • Cadets will be exposed to the wider fleet community available to them, so that they may become familiar with the fleet’s many activities, competitions, and other offerings.

    • Cadets will understand their rights and responsibilities as a member of Bravo Fleet.

    The Character Creation Program is designed to help members hone their character creation skills, to write biographies that are suitable both for publication on the BFMS and to serve as the basis for applications to join games within the fleet. Completion of this module should result in a biography that will meet the 'well-developed biography' promotion qualification requirement for the Office of the Chief of Staff.

    • Cadets will develop a familiarity with using canon resources and understanding how Bravo Fleet canon relates to what we see on screen in Star Trek.
    • Cadets will become comfortable using the character creation function on the BFMS.
    • Cadets will understand the relationship between different types of character documents: character sheets, character biographies, and game applications.
    • Cadets will create a well-developed biography for one of their characters.

    This program is designed to accomplish three things:

    • Get you familiar and comfortable with writing on the BFMS.
    • Get you acquainted with the general style of writing in Bravo Fleet, as well as how to bring our lore and canon into your stories.
    • Acquaint you with the Bravo Fleet Fiction Rubric, which details what "good writing" looks like in Bravo Fleet.