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Is this your first time here?

Welcome to the Bravo Fleet Academy.

For full access to courses, you will be enrolled in the appropriate courses. Here are the steps.

  1. Fill in a username and password, these can be anything, but keep them appropriate.

  2. If possible, please use the same email address you used to apply for the simm you are on/applying for.

  3. For First name and Surname, you may use your real name or your CO name.

  4. City/Town and country are not a required fields

The following section is required.

  1. Character Name is the name you will be using on the simm you are on or applied for.

  2. Ship Name is the name of the simm you are on or will be applying for.

  3. Task Force is the Task Force your simm is in. Enter just the number, ie. 9

  4. Referring Officer is the name of the officer that referred you to the Academy. This may be your TFCO, TFXO or your CO.